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Angelica Racing – Catch Her If You Can

Say hello to our newest featured rider, Angelica Gonzalez. It took us a while to catch up with Angelica, well, because she likes to go over 100mph out there on her ski and our SCOM just wouldn’t let us.

Catch Eddie ‘E-Weezy’ Out Riding Obi This Spring!

Eddie ‘E-Weezy’ is his name and is one of the most genuine and enjoyable riders we have met when we cruise our local waters. His positive vibes and energy make for great memories! If you join him, and his family, it’s sure to be the perfect riding addition to a great day on the water. We asked Eddie to be our first featured rider this February because of it!

Joe Cornett & the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders

As the Great Lakes Ski Riders continue their Florida Invasion, we want to introduce the man behind it all…Joe Cornett! He loves FLSR and like many of you, is inspired to build something more. Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

It’s Time You Met Antonio Daley

My name is Antonio Daley, but everyone calls me Tony. I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and raised in Orlando, FL so I’m a FloGrown Jamerican.

Introducing Dary Dari & Julio

All the way from Puerto Rico to fall in love with each other in Massachusetts to relocate to Florida to ride together. Our featured rider this week goes to Dary Dari and Julio!

Meet Jake The Viking

My name is Jake Franklin, also known as Jake the Viking. I’m a YouTuber/streamer, meaning I make videos and stream video games for a living.

Who is Alvean Azurin?

Hello my name is Alvean Azurin. I was born and raised in Houston. I will always be a Texas girl at Heart. I fell in love with everything when my first ride was with a friend that ended with me being whipped off the back of her ski 15 years ago. 8 skis later, and I’m just getting started. I absolutely love the thrill! The speed! The unpredictability All of that ironically calms me.

Have You Seen Joshua Sikorski?

was born and raised in Chicago, and grew up there riding just about every toy you can imagine, and I’ve had several motocross bikes, quads, 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, sport bikes, etc. Then, a career opportunity brought on the decision to come to Florida about 7 years ago, and I abruptly made the move without ever looking back.

We LOVE Manny & Vivian!!!

My name is Manny and my wife is Vivian. We’ve enjoyed riding PWC and boats for over 20 years now. I have to say she’s truly my partner in crime. In the water we have encounter it all and she’s been a trooper all the way.