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The Skimer Board hits the water with a splash and becomes an instant must-have for a fun day on the water. If you are into tow sports, you can have your fun on top of the water bodyboarding as well as under it as a dolphin! It has just arrived in the United States and is quickly gaining interest among water lovers like us!

So we thought we would introduce all of YOU to the Skimer Board!

Who Is Ilunga?

Ilunga Innovative Products, LLC, commonly referred to as “iLungaUSA”, started with a partnership between a competent Brazilian designer and inventor, who has always been in love with water sports, and a visionary investor that saw the potential of scaling the commercialization of the Skimer Board to the open water enthusiasts in the U.S. visit www.iLungaUSA.com

The name iLunga was created from the phonetics of the letter “j” in Italian, which is pronounced “Ilunga”. This was chosen as it is the first letter of the company co-founder and designer’s name. This Italian letter was chosen as the name since the co-founder lived and studied in Italy.

Florida Ski Riders are now just seeing these pop up, but they are relatively brand new in the USA. But…whats a Skimer Board? Check out this short video on the water…and under it? Use discount code “FLSR10” to purchase your own Skimer Board!

About the Skimer Board

The Skimer board’s patented design is based on the Manta ray and was created not only for sporting fun, but also with the intent of turning it into a safe and inclusive product, being able to be enjoyed by children, parents, and grandparents alike. The Skimer Board is also wheelchair-user friendly without any changes due to its design.

Skimer board’s Four Functions

The board really offers 4 main ways of use. Tow Sports is just some of its multi-purpose capabilities.

01. Ski On The Water

Water skiing developed for a new sport practice, where the skier makes the maneuvers lying down as a bodyboarder while being pulled by a Jet-Ski or at a Cable Park.

02. Ski Underwater

You can also submerge in the water, simulating a ride on an aquatic animal, such as a Manta Ray, in which the body shape was inspired. There is an incredible feeling while being pulled by a Speedboat or Jet-Ski.

03. Wave Surfing

The Skimer board has fin boxes where fins can be attached, same as the ones used in surfboards. This helps you control the board and be able to maneuver more efficiently.

04. Snorkeling

Due to its buoyancy, it also serves as a support platform for snorkeling. Simply set up your snorkeling equipment and float away on the comfort of the armrests or the board.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love This Board!

  1. This board is easy to use, you ski face to face without the need for balance. ​ Anyone is able to use due to its easy and intuitive maneuverability.
  2. It is small and fits anywhere on a boat and easy to load on your jetski.
  3. You can ski over the water as a wakeboard for bodyboarder.
  4. In the Fun Version When you remove the towing cables you can surf the waves without being pulled by vessel using only bodyboard fins and also have the possibility to couple keels to improve maneuverability.
  5. You can submerge with it in an underwater shallow as if you were hitchhiking on the back of a dolphin.
  6. You can use it as a support platform for snorkeling due to its buoyancy when not pulled.
  7. It has security system like leash with quick trip. ​
  8. Pulled by a boat or Jet ski, it doesn’t require much power because the speeds are 14 knots (~= 25 Km/h) on the surface and 4 knots (~= 7 km/h) to submerge.
  9. It’s already complete for use right out of the box.
  10. Comes with a tow cable and leash with quick trip.

So if you like having fun on, or under the water…then pick yourself up a Skimer Board from iLungaUSA. Make sure you post your pictures or videos to our facebook page and show us that underwater dolphin move! It’s so much fun! You can always bring it to our next event this year and show it off! Either way…if you have one, we want to see you having fun!