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The Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list of absolutely memorable events that we experienced with you in 2021 is HERE! With the year coming rapidly to a close, we have been thinking a lot about this past year. We sat down with the other event coordinators and made a list of 10 events that we experienced this past year. Through careful deliberation and sharing personal stories and memories, we came up with a pretty solid Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list for your entertainment.

We would love it if you attended any of these events to comment below and share your memory or fun experience with us! First one to comment below will get a FREE DECAL in 2022! Its that easy! Comment below, free awesome decal. So, without any more delay, we bring you the Top 10 MOST MEMORABLE Events of 2021!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #10


You heard that right. Florida Ski Riders has made it all the way to California to ride in and around the Pacific ocean. A remarkable milestone since our inception in 2016! We simply started with a vision of being the worlds biggest lifestyle brand. It’s grown.

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 West Coast Ski Riders Logo

So when we made it to Cali, we were pretty pumped to say the least! Their mission states, “We are a lifestyle PWC group. Our purpose is to bring new people into the sport, create memories, facilitate lasting friendships, foster development at all skill levels, and encourage responsible safe PWC riding in a fun and inclusive family environment.” So if you ever made your way west, be sure to link up with the West Coast Ski Riders!

Check out their website HERE!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #9


This past year we were so fortunate to have been able to deliver a few jet ski’s that SeaDoo gave away to some pretty cool people! We felt like Oprah a little bit, and it felt good. YOU GET A SKI, YOU GET A SKI! So here’s a couple world champion athletes that we handed off brand new Sea Doo’s too.

Gronk Got A Ski

Superbowl champion Rob Gronkowski deserved a jet ski this past year. Bringing Tampa Bay more wins with Tom Brady, we just can’t get enough of Rob! We had a great time picking up his Seadoo RXT-X! We dropped the jet ski off to his father and we never saw a bigger smile! Check out our video.

⚡ Lightning Struck With Kilhorn ⚡

2021 was a great year for sports here in Tampa, with the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup! In light of coronavirus, what better way to social distance than with a boat parade! We gifted the Tampa bay Lightning’s Alex Kilhorn a Sea Doo GTX 300 Limited.

When we gave the ski to Kilhorn, we rode together with him to his house. A courtesy we offer anyone that gets a new ski, whether its Alex Kilhorn or any Florida Ski Rider.

When we were riding with him, an unexpected storm blew in FAST! We had to cut our ride time short because of it’s intensity. Them, something remarkable happened. As we were saying goodbye to go our separate ways, the second we each hit the throttle…a CRACK of lightning struck nearby as we jetted off! Obviously a sign!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #8


Yeah, we were pretty pumped up about the really cool merch that we got to get involved with. From PRYM1 patterns, YEETZ jerseys and even our hooded stuff…we are so happy to be able to create more and more new things for you!

We have a lot more for you to see in our SHOP. Come see what you like!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #7


We were lucky enough to be one of the very first people around that had the Seadoo Switch out on the water! The response we got from people sure did back that up! What makes this a memorable experience is being able to take the family out on the water together into one vessel. It was a nice change of pace from our skis. Seeing all of the JOY and SMILES that the Sea Doo Switch brought is what made this so memorable.

This thing handles and feels like a jet ski! We couldn’t believe it! One of the personal favorite features about this was the steering! Think of a boat with a jet ski steering column! So much fun!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #6


If you haven’t had a chance to ride in this area yet, please be sure to join us in 2022 for our Excursion Ride! It’s one of our best memories on the water with all of you and our family. Check out our quick 3 minute read here on the area and what it has to offer!

This year we had about 300 skis come out despite some bad weather. Grey skies and cooler temps and even some rain! But that didn’t stop us! Check out this video from JUN’S WORLD.

We all came together, rode safe and made the 2021 Egmont Key ride one of our favorite in 2021!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #5


Crab Island. You think of beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. This was a ride that we have never done before and for our very first time up north, we had a great turnout of around 200 jet skis!

Riders came out expecting sun, but we were hit with a very unexpected storm. One of our classic downpours that lasts 30 min and then back to being all clear. Well, for this one, we were ON an excursion and we had to find shelter for everyone. We followed some locals and found a calm and safe place under an overpass. It seems like this is where EVERYONE came.

If you were on this ride, you will remember the fun we had under there! This 4 lane highway overpass kept the rain out. The ice cream boat kept our bellies full. The memories made themselves. Its just one of those unexpected moments that last a lifetime!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #4


Always a top 5 memory, the Riva Racing Key Largo Excursion is one that we talk about for the rest of the year. The water there is absolutely breaktaking and we really can’t even describe it here for you. If you have come on our excursion to Key West with us, you’ll know what we mean.

What made this moment memorable aside form the scenery, was the atmosphere. At 5am the boat launch started to fill up with riders from all over. The excitement in the air anticipating alligator reef was unmistakable.

A personal favorite is heading over to Robbies Dockside for some Tarpon Feeding. The kids absolutely loved it. Want to learn more? Just head over to this article to learn about Robbies!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #3


We love our excursion rides and making those memories with all of you. However, what feels even better and is more memorable than the previous 7…is our #3 selection this year.

We raised toys and donations for John Hopkins Hospital this year and was our BIGGEST YEAR TO DATE! We owe this to all of you, every little bit that you donated this year made such a big impact.

One of the things that made this so memorable this year is the repeated effort from our non-jet ski riders. In 2020, local Real Estate company Prime International Real Estate Group helped us fill our van with a car full of presents. This year in 2021, we had people from out of state come down to donate and helped us raise well over $5,000!

Check this cool video that our friend FRANCOPHOTO made and helped us fill the van this year!

We cant wait to see what we can do in 2022 for these kids! Remember everyone…you get what you give!!! We feel so grateful to be able to put smiles on those kids faces!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #2


For the VERY FIRST TIME EVER a buoy course was setup for Florida Ski Rider Rec Riders that wanted a chance to rip a real course on their own ski! We had such an amazing turnout this year that it landed the #2 spot on our list. Here’s some highlights…

We had multiple youtube personalities come out and support the event. Brandon Jordan aka Jiggin With Jordan, DJ Faboloso, Drag Times and more! We also were able to give the Spark EVO a shot at the course and had an absolutely great time!

We also can not forget the most epic football pass of 2021! Sorry Brady, but we got you beat. DJ Faboloso to Randy Cabrera for a TOUCHDOWN! Oh yeah, from land to a moving jet ski!

Looking forward to see how you guys level up in 2022!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #1


And our #1 spot goes to the Dunedin Excursion. Our warmer main Dunedin ride is always amazing but this year, the #1 goes to the winter ride. We gave this away here because of one little Florida Ski Rider and us getting the chance to meet him in person.

It was a cold morning in Minnesota when Brody and his father packed the car up and made their way to the Dunedin Excursion here in Florida. Brody, an 8 year old that captured our hearts, had made it one of his TO-DO’s to meet and ride with the Florida Ski Riders.

As you can see, youtube celebrity Jiggin With Jordan joined us another Dunedin Excursion. This time with his beautiful girls, Blue Bae and Black Bae! In his own words, “This never gets any less awesome…anytime!”


This past year has been amazing for us but we have been working hard to keep presenting you with the best experiences, the best merchandise, the best excursion rides and the best memories for you to take with you for the rest of your lives.

The Florida Ski Riders aim to be the largest jet ski brand in the world. We are all about Unity & Love, support all clubs and individuals and genuinely want each and every one of you to come out to ride and experience it all with us!

We will see you next year #SkiRiderNation!!!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 #Skiridernation