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Hi Fellow Ski Riders!

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Hello my name is Alvean Azurin. I was born and raised in Houston. I will always be a Texas girl at Heart. I fell in love with everything when my first ride was with a friend that ended with me being whipped off the back of her ski 15 years ago. 8 skis later, and I’m just getting started. I absolutely love the thrill! The speed! The unpredictability All of that ironically calms me.

“Riding has given me an outlet to be creative and to push myself to reach past my limits. It’s made me enjoy and be present in the current moment as opposed to how I was before riding when I wasted time wondering about the what-ifs.”

WHAT DO YOU RIDE: 2019 Seadoo GTX300 limited, A 2019 Seadoo Spark Trixx & my brand new Sea-Doo 2021 RXP-X!

ANY MEMORABLE RIDES: Riding over 3 states in one day. MS, AL and FL!

FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE: I have three spots I love to go. Galveston Marsh Area, Destin FL and lots of Bayous! If anyone out there knows Lake Powell, it’s on my Jetski bucket list!
I am always looking for new fun places to ride so feel free to reach out and suggest a place and i’ll see what we can do to join you!

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A YOUTUBER: It started with the want to document the fun and the tricks so I can look back at them on a rainy day. Or when I feel burnt out by work. But over the years, it’s become an outlet to document my story and the people I’ve met along the way.