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A little heads up... SHES FAST!

Let's Meet A Hydrodrag


Say hello to our newest featured rider, Angelica Gonzalez.  It took us a while to catch up with Angelica, well, because she likes to go over 100mph out there on her ski and our SCOM just wouldn’t let us. Cough Cough, yeah that’s it.  😂😂 She’s been doing this since her dad was racing when Angelica was only 8 years old!  Starting to race at just 13 years old, she’s been training hard and it has payed off!  She just came off as world champion of the Hydrodrag World Championships and we couldn’t be more excited to learn more about Angelica, aka The Golden Girl!

I love to ride anyplace that is smooth, beautiful and no speed limit.

Angelica races under her fathers shop, Angelica Racing & Repair. A shop that started by turning wrenches in their home garage, had been doing great work for the past 15 years.  Her entire family loves PWC’s and racing and working on jetskis. Her father, Victor Gonzalez, has been working in the fiberglass and painting side of personal watercraft for the past 30 years. He’s been so passionate about it that it rubbed off on Angelica at a young age. She loves this side of things as well. 

Angelica Racing raves some pretty great reviews and has helped fellow FLSR members get back on the water fast. “It’s a great family that does great work on a professional level and we are proud to feature Angelica as a successful and dominant force in the Hydro Drag Racing scene.” says Florida Ski Riders founder Randy Cabrera.

So when we finally did catch up with Angelica when she wasn’t training for racing or turning the wrench in her family’s shop, we got to ask her some questions so we could all get to know her a little better!  Read on to learn more…


I have been riding PWC’s for as long as I can remember. There are pictures of me as a baby riding them. My parents got into owning PWC’s when they were 18, so they’ve been in my life before I was even born. My dad starting officially racing them in 2008 and I’ve been to all and watched every single one. It inspired me seeing him race, and I’ve said since I was a little girl I wanted to race them and beat my dad, and eventually that became true.

The first ski I started racing was a two stroke GP1200, and that’s when I was 13. Once I did good and won the N/A class, my dad upgraded me to a four stroke FZR that was modified for stock class. Once I did good on that ski I took on his own ski that was super stock and those are the two I race now. He currently owns a Spec class FZR that I ride on as a practice ski, and we have an FX we use for recreational riding or training purposes. He also owns a Spec GP1800 that I have rode and wanted to attempt speed ally on. Most of those skis are in the 100MPH club, except for the original GP1200 when I was 13 which was significantly slower.

As I touched on before, my dad raced since I was about 8 years old. It inspired me, seeing him win and making the magazines. I always told everyone that would talk to me that I was going to race and do good. When I was finally 13 I was old enough to race and get my ISJBA license and I did decent in the N/A class. I eventually ended up winning in that class, and dominating the juniors class. I moved up into stock class until I won, up to spec for many years winning, to super stock and won many times. I even got second place in unlimited class. I have been racing ever since going on 9 years this year.

I currently race all FZR’s. They are modified each differently, but my fastest ski is 105+ and is for super stock class. I have been training lately with some closed course racers in preparation for the hydrodrags and I ride FX’s for practice. We also own a GP1800 that is 100+.

My most memorable racing moment was when my fiancé proposed to me before a grudge race. I met my fiancé racing when I was 13 and he was 14, and he proposed on the same ramp we met on. Either that or winning first in every class with my corresponding ski.

I’d have to say this is drag racing on any smooth water. I loved where we raced in Connecticut, you could see a waterfall from the track. For recreational riding I love the Silver Glenn Springs ride.

When I’m racing due to adrenaline I am not very hungry, but I do have to say I crave pickles after the fact not sure why. Tradition!

DJ Khalid. He owns a Sea-Doo and his videos are so funny. I think he’d enjoy a fast ski!

I loved racing in Connecticut, I also love racing in Polk City since it was my first time ever and where I met my fiancé so that makes it memorable, and I love riding in any spring really. I dove into an aquifer with my riding shoes on once, it was cold.

I have never gave any of my skis actual names, mostly just call them by their class. For example my stock ski is called my stock ski and so on. I do think both my orange FZR’s together look like twins so when they are sitting next to each other I call them the twins.

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