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Hello Ski Riders!

My name is Jake Franklin, also known as Jake the Viking. I’m a YouTuber/streamer, meaning I make videos and stream video games for a living. It’s a very interesting profession and something I never saw myself doing until a couple years ago. I was a football player, having ended my career at THE LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY.

I tried to go pro, but I wasn’t good enough which was a blessing In disguise as now I get to do something I have grown to truly love. I love to travel and hope one day to day I’ve traveled the world twice.

My favorite videos to make are ghost hunts, and I hope to one day have proof of the paranormal.

WHAT DO YOU RIDE: SeaDoo GTX 300 Limited

ANY MEMORABLE RIDES: First time riding my SeaDoo under a waterfall in Lake Jocassee South Carolina. Absolutely beautiful and would love to do it again. You can catch a video about Lake Jocassee here.

FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE: Anywhere really. I just love being on the water.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A YOUTUBER: I was watching Logan Paul vlogs and thought “hey I can do that”. So I bought a GoPro and started recording. I then found a love for creating content and hopefully entertaining people through the videos i make. It became a major passion of mine and I still love doing it.

Decided to show Shelby how fast the GTX Limited 300 really was. Surprisingly she enjoyed it.