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All of the Florida Ski Riders Official Events.  This includes everything on the 2023 Excursion Tour and any other events that FLSR will be attending.

Welcome to the Official Events for the Florida Ski Riders & #SkiRiderNation, and we love to share other rides all over Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas!  Not only that, but this is a resource page for fellow PWC riders to learn about rides all over the country. View the riding schedule for the year! Get updates and information about Florida Ski Rider events as well as other Jet Ski rides and events taking place across the country. Let’s grow this community together and all RIDE 365! See you on the water!

Florida Ski Riders Top 10 Most Memorable Events of 2021

The Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list of absolutely memorable events that we experienced with you in 2021 is HERE! With the year coming rapidly to a close, we have been thinking a lot about this past year. We sat down with the other event coordinators and made a list of 10 events that we experienced this past year. Through careful deliberation and sharing personal stories and memories, we came up with a pretty solid Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list for your entertainment.

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The Florida Ski Riders & RIVA Jet Ski In Key Largo Excursion

RIVA Key Largo Weekend Excursion

Experience the Florida Keys with a jet ski in key largo excursion ride(s) the weekend of July 15th – 18th, 2021 on an official Florida Ski Riders Jet Ski Excursion. We want everyone on the water to ride safe and have a great time and come experience something amazing with a group of fellow PWC enthusiasts. Come meet some lifelong friends and bring all of yours and we jet ski in key largo all together!

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