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DECEMBER 2021 – As the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders make their way through Florida into 2022, we want to take this opportunity to introduce our brothers from another mother…the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders! They are enjoying our Florida winter with temps in the high 70’s and sunsets that take your breath away. Not to mention the crystal clear waters that we are so lucky to have! If you see these guys out this winter, be sure to stop by and tell them you saw them right here on the FLSR Website! These guys are the most down to earth genuine people and love meeting new riders…so don’t be shy!

Mighty Joe Cornett

We met Joe when he joined the Florida Ski Riders on our FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE. He was always posting interesting content about his adventures and experiences riding up north in his favorite riding area…the Great Lakes. A few conversations with him and he has us laughing so hard and inspired us to learn more. Since his crew is down here visiting Florida, we wanted to introduce Joe to the Florida Ski Riders community and welcome you to FLA!

Joe Cornett & the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders

“Joe’s energy and passion for the Jet Ski Lifestyle is contagious. He always has a smile on his face and known to make you laugh!”

Randy Cabrera – Founder of Florida Ski Riders

Joe’s Top 3 Memorable Riding Areas

Key Largo, Florida

Livingston Channel, MI

Tennessee River

RIVA Key Largo Weekend Excursion

We completely get it Joe! For all of you that have joined us on our RIVA Key Largo Weekend Excursion, you get it as well! The water, the experience, the memories. And the longing to return in 2022! Joe will be there, so be sure to say hi and grab a picture with him. We’re willing to bet he will crack a smile on your face!

Livingston Channel – Detroit River

We understand why you like it Joe! Located on the Detroit River in Michigan, you can see giant ships coming by that offers a truly humbling experience! Check this video of Joe Cornett and his crew admiring one of these giant ships!

Joe Ride Mongo. Send it Joe.

So let’s find out a little bit about Joe Cornett. He has been riding since 1991 when he decided to get his first jet ski. A 91 Seadoo XP to be exact. Like so many of us in this group, it was love at first sight and he was hooked.

Since then, Joe has hit his 50/50 milestone. He has owned 50 PWC’s since 1991. Loving both Yamaha and Seadoo makes and models. He also averages 50 hours of ride time each month! Needless to say, Joe loves to ride and be on the water!

So what’s with Mongo? Well, we were wondering the same thing. So when we asked Joe if he has named his skis throughout the years and he grinned and told us he named his ski Mongo. And Mongo sure isn’t stock! So if you hardcore Florida Ski Riders want to see what he has in Mongo…you are just going to have to go find out for yourself!

Like so many of us here at FLSR, Joe would love a chance to ride with Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. Maybe we can talk him into joining us in 2022 for a ride to make this dream come true!

Annual Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders Florida Invasion

The Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders came south this winter and put together an Invasion Tour across the state. We welcome anyone to join them on this memorable experience if you are itching for a fun ride with a great group of PWC enthusiasts. They describe themselves on their FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE as “Based out of the Detroit river/Lake Erie/Lake St. Clair area. A place for PWC/jet ski riders to post rides, meet ups, events, modification information and questions.” Let’s check out their schedule and see where you can find them into 2022!

GLJSR Tour Schedule

Monday 12/27 to Thursday 12/29Ellie Rays RV resort and campground Santa Fe/Suwannee rivers
Thursday 12/30St Johns river Riviera Resort and marina Deland, Fl
Friday 12/31 to Monday 1/3 Key Largo – Alligator Reef
Monday 1/3 to Thursday 1/6 Key West

Now You Know Joe.

We hope that this featured rider article introduced you to Joe Cornett and the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders. Always smiling and laughing, come join joe as he travels across Florida to ring in the New Year! If you want to surprise Joe with something, his favorite snacks on the water are C4 Energy Drinks and Beef Jerky. Load up! If you want a fun bucket list buddy and you have intentions of going to ride your ski in ALASKA……..then be sure to reach out to Joe and tell him all about it. It’s his next adventure he wants to accomplish.

See you on the water Joe and have a great time here in Florida with the crew!

If you would like more information on the Great Lakes Jet Ski Riders, be sure to join their group here. If you would like to reach out to Joe personally, comment below or hit us up on our Instagram or Facebook page and let us know!