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KnowWake is a new, totally FREE boating app available on Apple and Android devices. You will immediately see similarities between the GPS you use in your car. It’s like Google Maps or Waze.

We are home to a community of boaters across North America, Canada and 34 other countries! KnowWake covers coastal and inland waterways and more than 500 lakes and river systems. The app consistently provides users with an easy way to explore the waterways. We have partnered with over 40,000 verified dockside and waterfront locations available by boat. We also included all of the many services that keep you floating.

You’ll find everything from local restaurants, marinas, fuel docks, boat ramps, dive shops, inlets, dive sites, snorkel areas, town docks and so much more!

KnowWake App on iPad and Android

Users can easily add and update locations directly to the chart and after a short verification process, they will be added for the community to see.

As part of the namesake, KnowWake displays over 6000 miles of color-coded wake zones. These are updates and stay accurate and change with the seasons and locally posted signage. There are over 60,000 channel markers, buoys and beacons to help guide the way.

We also offer many helpful tools like: point-to-point routing based on vessel draft, location sharing between users, a depth gauge that displays your current or remote depth, vessel tracks with a trip log, safety checklists, a simple float plan, an anchor alarm and an easy to deploy virtual dive flag.

On-water user reports include hazards, police, marine animals, raft-ups and sandbar party locations, PLUS an SOS button that communicates directly with the KnowWake community and/or local rescue authorities.

KnowWake has even more features if you can believe it and just getting started. Download for FREE today, choose your vessel and we’ll see you on the water!

If you wish to download the app directly, you may do so by going to the following on your mobile device. If you are on on iPhone Devices Click Here and if you are on an Android Device Click Here. To learn more about this amazing app, please visit them on the web at https://www.knowwake.com/

If you have any experience with KnowWake that you would like to share, please comment below!