#FLSkiRiders #UnitedWeRide

Hi Fellow Riders!

I was born and raised in Chicago, and grew up there riding just about every toy you can imagine, and I’ve had several motocross bikes, quads, 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, sport bikes, etc. Then, a career opportunity brought on the decision to come to Florida about 7 years ago, and I abruptly made the move without ever looking back. I had finally lived in a place where it made so much more sense to own a ski since I could actually ride all year round! Fast forward to today, I now have the absolute best son in existence, love my traveling role within Michelin North America, and spend every minute I can out on the water, outside of my career and my son of course. If you see me out, be sure to give a shout!

WHAT DO YOU RIDE: My current skis are a 2017 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx and a 2017 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 pulled by a white SRT Jeep. The skis are such completely different models, and I love both for completely different reasons.
ANY MEMORABLE RIDES: The summer of 2018 on the Dunedin Causeway with all of our friends. So many great memories.
FAVORITE PLACES TO RIDE: You will most likely see me at Dunedin Causeway, on Lake Seminole, or anywhere else near the Clearwater/St. Pete/Tampa waterways on a regular basis, and you’ll most likely see me riding with Randy and Ron.