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Missing being out on the water? Have some post-ride blues and back at work on a monday? We do too! That’s why we made this page for you, so get those vibes and feel that PWC lifestyle anywhere you are.  Take a look at some of the coolest stuff from around the world all about the jetski lifetyle.  Theres some really interesting people, places, groups and clubs, product and rides!

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We always love hearing about things around the world that are jetski related. If you find something that you may think would be of interest, please tell us about it here!

KnowWake Is A Must Have On The Water!

KnowWake is a new, totally FREE boating app available on Apple and Android devices. You’ll find everything from local restaurants, marinas, fuel docks, boat ramps, dive shops, inlets, dive sites, snorkel areas, town docks and so much more! We also offer many helpful tools like: point-to-point routing based on vessel draft, location sharing between users, a depth gauge that displays your current or remote depth, vessel tracks with a trip log, safety checklists, a simple float plan, an anchor alarm and an easy to deploy virtual dive flag.

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Florida Ski Riders Top 10 Most Memorable Events of 2021

The Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list of absolutely memorable events that we experienced with you in 2021 is HERE! With the year coming rapidly to a close, we have been thinking a lot about this past year. We sat down with the other event coordinators and made a list of 10 events that we experienced this past year. Through careful deliberation and sharing personal stories and memories, we came up with a pretty solid Florida Ski Riders Top 10 list for your entertainment.

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1st Annual Polar Bear Ride Becomes A Reality!

Are you the kind of rider that put on over 200 hours this year on your ski? Do you get excited when a hurricane comes to town? Are you one of the few riders that throws on the wetsuit and enjoys 12 months of riding every year? THIS RIDE IS FOR YOU! LET’S RIP THE COAST TOGETHER!

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PFC Presents: Dark Necessity

Come check out our VERY FIRST video we put together for you! Welcome to the PFC – where our crew of self proclaimed adventure specialists share awesome content with the interwebs.

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