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Eddie ‘E-Weezy’ is his name and is one of the most genuine and enjoyable riders we have met when we cruise our local waters. His positive vibes and energy make for great memories! If you join him, and his family, it’s sure to be the perfect riding addition to a great day on the water. We asked Eddie to be our first featured rider this February because of it!

So we here at Florida Ski Riders would love to introduce the man, the myth, and the legend himself…. EDDIE and his Yamaha FX SVHO named ‘OBI’!

Eddie, like so many other of our members, decided to pick up a camera and show the world all of his fun adventures out on the water. His passion for the water fueled his creation of OBI SKI TV. We want to encourage to show your love and support and go be entertained by watching his videos!

Welcome to the channel where you get to join our epic and amazing jetski rides and excursions! I began filming back in 2019 just to capture some memories riding with my family and friends. From the first ride with the Florida Ski Riders in 2019 I was hooked!! Since then I bought my very first wave runner Obi (2021 Yamaha FX SVHO). Just as 2021 was coming to an end, I really was interested in taking my videos up a notch. So I invite you to subscribe to the channel and join us on a journey of enjoying life on the water and capturing the moments to share with the world.

Hey Eddie ‘E-Weezy’, time to Introduce Yourself!

My name is Eddie also known as E-Weezy. I’ve been riding for 4 years since I moved down from New Jersey. I am married to my wonderful wife Yuri and have a daughter named Mia. They love to join me on Florida Ski Riders excursions. I love riding whenever I get a chance and started riding with my cousin Alex. I love riding new areas and exploring all the great places Florida has to offer. I also love meeting so many new people on the excursions.

Eddie Says: I can’t wait to ride with all of you on the next ride!!
Eddie 'E-Weezy' reps the #skiridernation!

So if you want to join us in 2022 on our BRAND NEW excursion rides across the south, be sure to head over to our OFFICIAL 2022 RIDING SCHEDULE and get ready to make some memories with Eddie and the rest of the Florida Ski Riders!

It’s Time For Some Q&A!

We fired off some questions to Eddie so we can get to know him. Although, you really don’t know someone till you ride with them. Right? Well, this will at least introduce Eddie to all of you…so lets get right into it and start this Q&A session!

FLSR: How long have you been riding PWC’s and what got you into the sport?
I’ve been riding PWC’s for 3 years now since I moved to Florida from Jersey. Being out on the water feeling the freedom riding gives me is what got me hooked right away.

FLSR: How many skis have you owned?
I am riding the only ski I have owned.

FLSR: What model skis do you currently ride?
2021 Yamaha FX SVHO

FLSR: Have you modified your skis in any way?
Only mod is my Florida Ski Riders stickers lol

FLSR: What’s your favorite personal place to ride?
I love to ride the Kissimmee River!!!!

FLSR: What’s your favorite riding snacks?
Turkey and cheese sandwiches with Gatorade does it for me.
FLSR: Bring a few extra for us, will ya?

FLSR: If you could ride with one movie star or celebrity who would it be and why?
GRONK!! Imagine that!! Would be a blast!!

FLSR: What’s your top 3 most memorable riding areas?
Kissimmee River with the Florida Ski Riders, Key Largo Excursion was EPIC and my first ride was the Egmont Key to Skybridge ride of 2019!!

FLSR: Have you named your skis?
Her name is Obi

FLSR: What’s one place you have on your bucket list to ride?
Miami to Bimini!!!

FLSR: How many hours do you ride each month I ride?
1-2 times a month prob totaling 10-15 hrs…

Thanks Eddie! We love your answers and can not wait to see you out at the next ride too! If you happen to recognize Eddie out there this year, be sure to say hi and tell him you saw him on the website! Also, we think that OBI is going to have a new rider named Mia in the very near future!

See you soon E-Weezy! Let’s Ride!

If you enjoyed this featured rider article, be sure to head over to see all of Eddie’s fun adventures on his YouTube Channel, OBI SKI TV! Give him a like, subscribe and get notified when he releases the new fun content!