April 14, 2021

Featured Riders

We’re always looking for feature riders and are always happy when you reach out & say hello. All of the riders love meeting new people, riding their skis and can help anyone that’s a part of #SkiRiderNation! We are all basically friends and family and we love providing a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for anyone that shares our passion for Personal Watercraft.

Introducing Dary Dari & Julio

Meet Dary Dari & Julio! All the way from Puerto Rico to fall in love with each other in Massachusetts to relocate to Florida to ride together. Our featured rider this week goes to Dary Dari and Julio! We like to find genuine, sincere and fun people to feature as a rider of Florida Ski […]

Meet Jake The Viking

Who is Alvean Azurin?

Have You Seen Joshua Sikorski?

Hi Fellow Riders! I was born and raised in Chicago, and grew up there riding just about every toy you can imagine, and I’ve had several motocross bikes, quads, 3-wheelers, snowmobiles, sport bikes, etc. Then, a career opportunity brought on the decision to come to Florida about 7 years ago, and I abruptly made the […]

We LOVE Manny & Vivian!!!

Hi Fellow Riders! My name is Manny and my wife is Vivian. We’ve enjoyed riding PWC and boats for over 20 years now. I have to say she’s truly my partner in crime. In the water we have encounter it all and she’s been a trooper all the way. One of the places we would […]