January 20, 2022


Keep your ski off the beach and anchored securely with the Alpha Jet Anchor. Designed and manufactured in house by P3Labs, this anchor is the pinnacle expression of style and performance. Featuring a limited-edition gold anodizing, patent pending foot strap system, and laser etched graphics…this anchor will stand out as much as you!

What started out as merely and idea 8 months ago, has now become a reality and within 24 hours has taken the community by storm. The Alpha Jet Anchor brand stands as a reminder to simply be the best at whatever you set out to do in life, so naturally our products must follow suit. The ALPHA JET ANCHOR BY P3LABS is not only veteran designed, but It is also proudly manufactured in the USA. Built to out perform and outlast the competition, The Alpha Jet Anchor will also turn heads at the sandbar given the designers attention to detail along with the ability to fine-tune the manufacturing process. Regardless of where you ride, The Alpha Jet Anchor is made to perform in any conditions well beyond your expectations.

“I’ve seen and used a lot of PWC anchors, the new alpha jet anchor looks incredible and very promising, we’ll be putting it to the test to see how well it holds up”

RANDY CABRERA – Florida Ski Riders


  • Patent pending design
  • Constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant 5052 Marine grade aluminum
  • Anodized color coating allows the refraction of sunlight for increase visibility through the water.
  • Stitch welded (not just tack welded) for superior longevity
  • Easy entry deployment with 60 degree angled cuts on the leading edge
  • Quad fin design for maximum hold at any angle during changing conditions
  • Extra thick, fully supported kick plate for extended durability
  • “Foothold” with soft neoprene foot protection, for a dry, easy deployment and retrieval
  • 12 relief cuts for a superior hold in even the roughest of conditions
  • Laser Etched accents
  • Tow strap allows for a soft connection point to the ski
  • Bungee provides the needed shock absorption to keep anchor planted
  • Custom laser engraving available for an additional $15 fee.

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