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Sure, Aziz Cycles doesn’t make you immediately think that any one of us can walk in to THAT shop and they be all about the PWC lifestyle. It says “cycle” right in the name, they obviously must be a bike shop, right?

Nope! Just nope. We were so wrong about that one!

Aziz Cycle is a POWERHOUSE for all things personal watercraft & jetski related! We are going to show you our TOP 6 reasons why we love Aziz Cycle. But first, before we dive into why we love Aziz Cycles, it’s time we properly introduced you all.

About Aziz Cycle

Taken right from their website, Aziz Cycle says some pretty great things for nationwide customers…

Welcome to Aziz Cycle. We take pride in excellent customer service and our goal is to meet our customers individualized needs. Stop in and browse a variety of used motorcycles and new accessories. With thousands of parts in stock, we also offer full service, repair, and specialize in selling Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki motorcycles. We provide financing options and shipping to all 50 states.

Aziz Cycle Website

Phone: (813) 666-4503
Hours: Monday – Friday 10 till 6 PM
Website: azizcycle.com


4107 E Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd TAMPA FL 33610

Top 6 Reasons Why We Love Aziz Cycle

We like to feature dealers and dealerships that have a little extra something special about them. We don’t like to introduce you to every dealer out there and try to make these things about advertising. No, no, we want to give our FLSR members genuine and quality information. This is about our lifestyle, our family and riding as a community. So when we bring you Aziz Cycle, you know that you will get the best quality around the area.

These guys have 6 really great features about them that caught our eye and think that would be of value to all of our PWC community of enthusiasts. So if you are looking to get parts or a new ski, we think that Aziz Cycle will surely take care of any of your needs.

Sell New & Used Trailers for your Jet ski

We like this feature because who out there doesn’t need a trailer!? With fair pricing and just over the top really good customer service, they will be able to find the exact trailer you need…for your needs. So go ahead and get that extra ski!

They Have A Self-Credit Application for Financing

Right on their website, www.azizcycle.com, you can go to a page that you apply yourself for credit. This is nice so you can have full control of your data and save the embarrassment and time wasted when you pull back a 320 credit score.

They Have A VERY Solid E-Bay Parts Store

They numbers speak for themselves! With over 114 thousand parts already sold and a flawless 100% Positive Feedback, you know you will get the quality you need backed by E-BAY!

FREE Key Programming

Have you ever had a REALLY good day on the water and by the time you got home you don’t know where your jet ski key is? Lost to a lucky dolphin maybe, or fell off the ski on the way home. Either way, its gonna cost you a bunch to get that sucker programmed to your ski again. Well don’t worry about it and contact Aziz Cycle!

FLSR Discounts

We are finally getting the recognition for our member that we like! Aziz Cycle is offering discounts and perks for Florida Ski Rider members! Just say you saw Aziz Cycle here on our website and they will take care of you! AWEOMSE!


Thats right, thats real! When you’re ready to go get yourself a jet ski, especially if you are a first time buyer, things can get overwhelming and ALWAYS wonder if you will like how the PWC is in the water! Aziz Cycle solves that question for you and lets you go have a rip on the ski model of your choice before you sign the paperwork!

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our Featured Dealer for April, 2022. As you can see, they offer so many perks and now you can see why its wrong to think that Aziz Cycle is just for cycles! Stay tuned as well as we will be taking the cameras over to that test lake to give you all some great content!

By sure to give them a call or visit their website if you have any questions or comments, but if you would like to speak to someone about a new product, ski or to schedule a test ride with Aziz Cycle, then fill out the following form.

See you out on the water!

Contact Aziz Cycle

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