We are excited to bring you the 2022 Florida Ski Riders Excursion Tour! New rides, more members, new riding gear & merch and a whole lot more memories to be made is coming up in 2022.

We can’t wait to get out on the water again with all of you! Just so you know, we support ALL clubs and organizations to ride with us! We want all of you to come out and experience the ride with Florida Ski Riders.





Ft. DeSoto • Egmont Key Excursion

“My family and I became closer because of the FLSR Official Rides. The leaders of the groups always made sure of our safety first while everyone had an amazing experience together. The sense of community is something you can not mistake!”

-Jeff & Julie Walterson

The Full 2022 Lineup

???? MARCH 12 | Ft. DeSoto – Egmont Key
???? APRIL 30 | Sebastian Inlet Monster Hole
???? MAY 14/15 | Dunedin Excursion
???? JUNE 23-25 | TN Waterfall Ride *NEW*
???? JULY 17 | FL to GA Cumberland Island *NEW*
???? AUGUST 12-14 | RIVA Key Largo Excursion
???? SEPTEMBER 11 | 9/11 Memorial Ride
???? OCTOBER 7-9 | RiverFest *NEW*
???? NOVEMBER 6 | Dunedin Excursion Winter Ride

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    1. Hello, There was a ride event you had set up for the end of February of 2022 having something special to do with youtube blog. I even took off of work to make that event and I do not see it any more. unfortunately I have to put in for time off 2 to 3 months in advance in order to make sure I can have it off. Is there any way to put a word out to ride with a group of other jet skiers where we could meet up to ride feb 25 thru the 27. I am coming all the way from Ohio.

        1. We too are excited to ride this season. Since we live up in Fernandina Beach, it is still a bit cold here, but it should be better on another month, and then the door opens!

    2. We’re really looking forward to the Key Largo excursion. Do you have connections with any of the hotels for lodging for special pricing? I don’t know where everyone stays. We wanted to go last year but had just bought our jet ski and we have to put in for time off at least 2 months in advance.

    3. Where can I get more information about the Tennessee Waterfall event? I live in the Midwest and would love to join this event.


    4. Where is the meet up point and time for the may 14th dunedin Excursion? Where can I find this info

      1. Hey Kathleen!!! We will have an awesome page here on our site in the next few days to answer ALL of those questions! Ride schedule, meetup times and places and some tips and whatnot to make the ride smooth!

    5. How do I get information about the 2022 Excursion Tour. Where do you meet for the tours, what time and any other particular. Would like to join you for the rides.

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