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RIVA Jet Ski in Key Largo Weekend Excursion

Missing the chance to jet ski in key largo last year was such a heartbreak for us here at Florida Ski Riders. Key Largo holds a special place in our hearts. The water is SO beautiful and we have been dreaming of it since we went back in 2019. We are so excited to host an official ride with all of you in 2021 and finally get our chance to jet ski in key largo once again!

Florida Ski Riders presents SkiRiderNation with two Jet Skis in FloridaIf you are new to the scene and are thinking about joining us on one of our rides, then this RIVA Jet Ski in Key Largo weekend excursion will sure to be an exciting and memorable experience for all that join us this year. Here is a short jet ski in Key Largo guide to inform you of what you can expect this weekend and how to get ready for it!

Jet Ski in Key Largo Excursion 2019

This past excursion, in Key Largo was so memorable for us. All of you that attended surely share our memories as well…so what else should we do right now but WATCH IT! Check out our really cool jet ski video we made>>>


Experience the Florida Keys with a jet ski in key largo excursion ride(s) the weekend of July 15th – 18th, 2021 on an official Florida Ski Riders Jet Ski Excursion. We want everyone on the water to ride safe and have a great time and come experience something amazing with a group of fellow PWC enthusiasts. Come meet some lifelong friends and bring all of yours and we jet ski in key largo all together!

So let’s talk about the schedule, we can’t just all randomly ride around and have a great time…so we put together a hand-crafted ride for you to enjoy with us to experience everything in the best way possible.

The Jet Ski in Key Largo Schedule – Subject to Change

Alright everyone, we have to put a hard deadline on when we leave, so we will be DEPARTING at 10 AM on both days, unless things change. Please be on the water and ready to ride!!! We’ll be visiting Alligator Reef on Saturday, Christ of The Abyss on Sunday with a stop at Islamorada Sandbar!


This ride will take us through the amazing Florida Keys, mainly Key Largo and out to visit the beautiful and popular Alligator Reef for where you can explore and do some snorkeling. Sunday we will visit the mysterious Christ of The Abyss.

Saturday’s Jet Ski Ride

SATURDAY we will ride over to Alligator Reef and spend roughly 1 hour there. We will then sound the airhorns and head over to Islamorada Sandbar where you can anchor, relax, eat and enjoy the tropical Florida vibes. There will be a food vendor at the sandbar but we do encourage you to also pack food, This will also be the time to fuel up if necessary. We will make our way back to our launch locations around 5pm. We encourage all riders to use their Phones, GPS and other tracking devices to drop a pin at their launch location.

Sunday’s Jet Ski Ride

SUNDAY we will ride out to Christ of the Abyss for roughly 1 hour. We will then sound the airhorns and jet ski in key largo back to the launch location so everyone traveling can start the journey home. We encourage all riders to use their Phones, GPS and other tracking devices to drop a pin at their launch location.

Where to launch my Jet Ski in Key Largo?

There are two locations for your convenience. We know, we know…you want to know which is less busy and when to get there. Well all we can say, is to keep an eye on our official FACEBOOK PAGE as so many of you will be posting what the launches look like and can give you a good idea of what’s happening. Play it safe and get here early!

Caribbean Club – 104080 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037
John Pennekamp – 102601 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037
Map of Florida Ski Riders Jet Ski in Key Largo Event

Jet Ski Fuel Stops

We will announce them along the way, so there will for sure be fuel stations for you. However, please CONTACT US if you have any specific questions about fuel, or for anything really! We are here to help!

What To Bring On Your Jetski…

Here are a few things we suggest to bring with you on a ride with us:

  • Required safety equipment
  • Personal ID, Cash, Cards
  • Anchor(s) <<–You can pick one up of our featured products here
  • Snorkeling gear: fins, goggles, etc.
  • Sunblock
  • Plenty of drinks to keep hydrated

Top Tips from the Ride Leaders

We really just want everyone to have a great time like we all have in the past, so please be sure to follow the rules and we will all have a great time!

  • Listen for the Airhorns to identify launch times at each stop
  • After the Airhorn, you will have 10 mins to prepare for launch
  • Please follow the lead skis and do not pass them
  • With many out-of-town riders, it’s imperative we ride together its easy to get lost in the Keys and or ride in prohibited areas


Remember to get your jet ski all ready to ride. It’s important to check those wear rings, all your paperwork and of course, your jet ski trailer! Bring an extra tire with you. We have heard the stories and even experienced a few of them ourselves, so please be safe and triple check your gear.

Florida Ski Riders Jet Ski at sunset If you need services we offer a great FEATURED DEALER section that has some really good mechanics to work on your ski. You can always get your arts from our friends at RIVA RACING for parts and accessories. If you’re looking for some swag to wear that is both functionally awesome and looks great, have a look over at our SHOP and pick yourself up some apparel to show off your style! After all, this is the ONLY place you can pick up an OFFICIAL Florida Ski Riders Jet Ski JERSEY

We can’t wait to see all of the videos and pictures from everyone!  Make sure you post them to our social pages and tag us with #FLSkiRiders and #SkiRiderNation!  To see this even on Facebook, come check out our Facebook Groups Page Here.

Did you Enjoy this post?  If there is something that you do to prepare for a ride, let us know by commenting below!