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Sandshark JAWS

If you are looking for the newest and best “throw-out” style of anchor, look no further than the New JAWS anchor by SandShark. It was designed and developed to outperform all anchors in the under 4lb class. Its unique, patent pending, folding design is the answer to anchoring in all types of conditions, including the sand which provides the most challenges!

JAWS comes with a 25’-28’ anchor line with stainless steel clip and built in bungee to keep the anchor set in rougher conditions. For storage, JAWS folds easily and fits perfectly into a custom rip-stop padded case with carrying handles which also holds the bungee line with room left over.
This all combines to provide you one of the most effective anchoring kits on the market! You won’t be disappointed when you “throw-out” your anchor and get a “rock-solid” hold for your watercraft!

JAWS patent pending design uses high-strength ABS to achieve functions and objectives not previously available with traditional anchors. The result is more surface area to provide better “holding power” and better overall function with less weight!

The “built-in” bungee line adds about 3’ off stretch to the line. This provides an extra cushion against the “snapping” at the lines typically caused by sudden waves or rougher conditions. Instead of “snapping” at the anchor, the line will gradually give way during the wave then retract after passing.

All this combines to give the peace of mind for an enjoyable time on your watercraft. So if you are looking for the newest and best advancements in anchoring technology be sure to pick up the new JAWS anchor from SandShark!