June 28, 2022

Partnership formed between Florida Ski Riders and Wavve Boating

Tampa Bay, FL August 20th, 2020 Florida Ski Riders, the largest personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiast group in the United States, has partnered with Wavve Boating, an industry leading marine navigation app, to enhance their rider’s community experience on and off the water. With the Wavve Boating app, Florida Ski Riders now have a solution for sharing routes, the best sights, dangers to avoid, and much more.

Florida Ski Riders, a lifestyle brand dedicated to Jet Ski enthusiasts with a community over 20,000 strong, FLSR is an inclusive PWC brand known for organizing large group rides across the state of Florida with rider attendance coming from all over the U.S. Using their large social media presence, Florida Ski Riders will discover and promote the best places to ride, tips for riding, as well as the latest PWC news to help connect and bring PWC enthusiasts together.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group, founded by Randy Cabrera, is holding off on their large group excursion rides across Florida in 2020 that on average bring out 200+ riders. While the team prepares for adventurous rides in 2021, the partnership with Wavve Boating has allowed Florida Ski Rider’s to share some of the best days on the water remotely and digitally. As members of the group, all Florida Ski Rider members are offered an extended free trial to Wavve Boating.

You can get 30 Days for FREE right here!

Within the app, Riders can share their favorite spots including beaches, restaurants, scenic lookouts, and more, creating a digital alternative for capturing the same helpful information one would typically learn from a fellow Rider when sitting at the dock or out on a ride. Riders can build custom maps with an infinite number of points of interest, and choose whether to keep their contributions private, share them with friends, or make them public for the entire community.

“Wavve Boating has allowed us to connect with the riders on and off the water and share new riding areas with detailed routes, stated Randy Cabrera, Founder of Florida Ski Riders, It has become an invaluable tool for our group rides. We can now provide a full pre planned route with tips, notes and photos prior to each event. We’re excited to partner with Adam and the Wavve Boating team and confident this will be a game changer for our community.”

“Wavve Boating has allowed us to connect with the riders on and off the water and share new riding areas with detailed routes”

In recent months, demand for PWCs has increased considerably as many hobbyists are looking for available recreational activities during COVID-19 restrictions. PWC sales have seen a 75% increase from last year, as reported by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, which accounts for about a quarter of new boat sales. Many of these purchases are first time buyers which is encouraging for the recreational boating industry in general.

“It’s incredible to work with Randy and the team at Florida Ski Riders as we have a shared passion for being on the water” stated Adam Allore, Founder and CEO of Wavve Boating, “Some of my earliest memories are from the back of a JetSki, I’m proud that the team and I at Wavve Boating can support this growing activity that has become a way to escape and relax for many.”

About Wavve Boating

Heads up display of the app in use.

Wavve Boating (Wavve) is a mobile application designed for the recreational boater. With nautical charts from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and Canadian Hydrographic Services, Wavve has been growing its consumer base across North America since May of 2018. Available on all Apple and Android devices, Wavve offers a simple platform so anyone can boat like a local. 

Wavve Boating is available on Apple and Android devices and has two subscription options of $4.99/month or $19.49/year. You can visit wavveboating.com for more information, or download the app directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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